“We are excited to be ranked amongst the Top 50 ‘Cloud Management Software’ products by ‘Finances Online’; with a score of 8.0”

Centilytics Takes Home Platform for Software Reviews’ 2018 Rising Star Distinction for Cloud Management Software.

Centilytics is delighted to win the 2018 Rising Star award for best cloud management software from FinancesOnline, a respected SaaS review platform visited by millions of users looking to find the best solutions on the market.

The Rising Star award is given to new software products in FinancesOnline’s SaaS list that has become increasingly popular on the market and is viewed as a reliable brand for solving one’s problems. True enough, Centilytics has come a long way since four passionate individuals developed the platform for cloud cost management in early 2017. Now, businesses can benefit from this comprehensive, intelligent cloud management platform, which FinancesOnline’s experts said is capable of helping users “completely manage, secure and optimize their entire cloud infrastructure from a single pane of glass.”

FinancesOnline also conducted a first-hand review of Centilytics to properly understand how businesses can benefit from the platform. In their Centilytics overview, the software experts discussed three main benefits: complete visibility on the entire cloud infrastructure, unparalleled governance on cloud usage and costs, and optimized resource utilization. Their software experts commended Centilytics for allowing users to get a detailed view of all important operations and quickly dive into a granular level for improved cloud management, quick identification of anomalies across multiple accounts, and better allocate & optimize the utilization of resources.

The software review platform also highlighted Centilytics as one of the most intuitive cloud management platforms on the market. FinancesOnline delivered to us their Great User Experience award for 2018 after we passed their quality standards for ease of use, well-designed functionalities, and easy product deployment.

With thousands of software reviews on their website and millions of monthly visitors, FinancesOnline is one of the most respected software review platforms on the market. They also have a number of useful resources tackling basics such as what is cloud management platform for detailed insights into today’s market trends.

At Centilytics, we are always ready to help businesses better handle their cloud infrastructure. Try Centilytics today to experience for yourself FinancesOnline’s award-winning cloud management platform.

Monali Ghosh

Monali Ghosh

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