There has been a paradigm shift in how cloud and intelligence capabilities are seen as one element, distinctive enough to change the entire cloud-first game. Most of the enterprises have gone from raising the question, “can we manage our resources efficiently and securely while we continue to adopt cloud?” to making the statement – “We are adopting cloud in order to bring intelligent resource management to practice.” 

cloud management platform

With cloud computing already acclaimed as the next big disruption in the AI-first world, the decision-making in every industry is fundamentally being transformed and influenced by “Thinking Machines”. As the trend of using machine learning continues to burgeon, intelligent cloud management has become a mainstream element of innovation.

Finding clarity in your cloud with an intelligent cloud management platform

intelligent cloud management platform

As cloud providers continue to strive for greater business opportunities and results, the current scenario in the intelligent cloud era has turned out to be more convoluted than it used to be. With new challenges striking in every day, it is still a grey area for a number of enterprises that cloud computing and AI/ML can go hand-in-hand.

One’s business lives by its workloads. In any case, the performance you get from cloud providers can have a significant amount of divergence and finding the right blend of cloud assets can seem like a guesswork. Though it is called intelligent nowadays, clouds too face multiple challenges when it comes to optimizing the economy of cloud service configuration and ensuring 100% accuracy in resource allocation.

To make the most out of public clouds, you require a one-stop solution to analyze and control over & under resource consumption.

The driving factor behind this is usually a realization that they need to automate the way they manage clouds, so they can put their entire focus on enhancing their business outcomes. Smart and faster decision-making stems from a management platform that improves the intelligence of the cloud.

While enterprises are busy building their businesses and the product-market fit, they usually neglect infrastructure.

To make it all plug and play for them, Centilytics provides a seamless experience of an intelligent cloud management platform where you have automated, one-click solutions for your entire cloud infrastructure. In addition, you save at least 20% of cloud expenditure, typically in your first three months of usage.

A simple all-in-one solution backed by intelligent technology

intelligent cloud management platform

Cost optimization in the cloud can be another game-changing factor for your business. Cloud costs can soar if you are spending more than you are actually utilizing.

Centilytics gives you recommendations to make intelligent decisions about which workloads you should continue to run and on which public cloud services to cut unnecessary costs from your bills. These recommendations are based on your specific performance needs, expenses and asset requirements all of which are automated to make your job less demanding.

We have a rich set of new, intelligent cloud management capabilities to offer to our customers. Our multidimensional algorithms for intelligent cloud control helps you to:

  • Enhance performance, ensure high availability and improve the security posture of your applications with near real-time analytics of cloud resources.
  • Detect and regulate anomalies before they bring in chaotic disorders to your cloud ecosystem. The platform has machine learning algorithms built that continuously run, analyze and alarm you whenever there is a breach in your data.
  • Take complete control of your public cloud costs with custom dashboards, detailed insights into costs incurred against each workload, service, instance, etc. along with total cloud spend and recommendations for possible estimated savings – all of that within a single pane of glass.
  • Eliminate the guesswork for your future cloud spend with AI-driven cost projection models.
  • Find the cost loopholes which you thought never existed.
  • Increase agility and efficiency of your infrastructure with one-click actions; for example – spin up or stop instances/virtual machines (VMs) in your new or existing cloud environments.

Our capabilities are bound to become ubiquitous and a custom fit for every enterprise; so, you do not end up with inefficient apples-to-oranges comparisons.

Bye-Line | In order to outsmart others, you just need Centilytics and not hand-holding. Take up a 14-days free trial on the intelligent cloud management platform.

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